The word Dance, undoubtedly brings a feeling of happiness and excitement especially when it is performed in some occasion or festival. Dance is an art, a part of almost every culture. It is when people move to musical rhythm. To plan a dance is known as choreography by a choreographer, who teaches  the dance steps. It can be an informal play or a part of a professional performance and can be used to narrate a story. Some of you dance to express your feelings and emotions and others to feel better. Dancing transform your negative thoughts into positive and helps to boast your self confidence. When the music begins, everything else seems to fade away. You indulge in the music so much that nothing else seems more important. It swipes you of your feet and takes you into the world of happiness. There are many places in the world which are famous for their various dance forms which are absolutely gorgeous in the ethnic world among which is the traditional Dubai Dance.

If you visit Dubai, do not miss the cultural events of their traditional music and folk dance which is a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Drums are commonly played and so are tambourines (known as Tiran or Duffuf). Other instruments used are the Nay (a long end-blown flute), the Rababah( a fiddle played with a horse hair bow) and the Tambura (a long-necked plucked lute).

There are mainly three folk dances in the traditional Dubai Dance which are Ayyalah, Liwa and Haban.

  • The Ayyalah – This folk dance is popular throughout the UAE. It depicts a battle, the overcoming of the enemy and the celebration of the triumph. It is performed by atleast 25 men, they form two lines facing each other, carrying arms as if ready for the battle. They take out their swords (camel sticks actually) and recite poems as if they are challenging the other side and move back and forth along with the drum beats.
  • The Liwa – The Liwa dance is performed in special occasions, such as weddings and in the celebration of the successful conclusion of the pearl-diving season. The performance begins with 6 minutes playing of the Mizmar and beating of the three drums follow when the 10 singers and dancers enter and performes for 20 minutes approximately.

  • Habban – The Habban dance is also known as Khayali or Khamiri. This is performed with 3 groups. The first group consists of 8 mens, the second group consists of 8 women and the third group is made up of 10 musicians. The Habban instrument along with others instruments are played, the two groups of men and women dancers move back and forth on a steady two step rhythm.


Travellers may have visited many places of the world but witnessing the folk dance, the rich cultural heritage of Dubai, United ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) will give them immense joy and an experience, never to forget. So visit Dubai and give yourself to be a part of the extraordinary culture. Get set go..

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