While it’s certainly possible to just choose any instrument and go from there, a lot of people tend to pull their hair over the decision of which musical instrument to pick up and play. After all, it’s a substantial investment no matter what you choose – an investment of both money and time. There are also certain instruments that are a better fit to specific types of lifestyles.

If you already have an instrument in mind that you want to play, it’s probably a good idea to go for your first choice. However, if you are having plenty of trouble choosing between a list of instruments, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before pushing through. As an added bonus, for those interested in a good selection, Dawkes Musical Instruments is an excellent resource for different kinds of instruments to choose from.

Where do I see myself playing this instrument?

It’s certainly an easy enough question to answer, and how you answer it will help dictate what instrument you get. For example, if you’re thinking of the guitar, then you’ll likely be able to play it just about everywhere you can take your guitar – though there’s also the issue of an acoustic guitar versus other types. With a piano, you’ll likely be able to play in places where you can take your keyboard to. Otherwise, you’re stuck in areas that already have a piano set up, and the same thing can be said about a drum set. Understanding how and where you’re going to be playing will help you in making the correct decision.

Do I have the right amount of space and privacy to practice?

Let’s say you decide to go for a drum set. While that’s all well and good, will it be bothering your neighbours? Are you in an apartment setting where practising the drums could prove to be a nuisance? Unfortunately, lifestyle choices do play a part in figuring out the very best instrument for you. Having the right amount of space to practice as well as the necessary privacy will go a long way to figuring out just what instrument would be best for you.

How easy or difficult is it to learn?

While this depends on the individual, there are certain instruments out there that are more difficult to learn than others. Some might say that the guitar and piano would be some of the simpler ones, but to certain people, it isn’t the case. There’s also the issue of looking for the right kind of teacher who’ll be able to set you on the right path. Perhaps you’ll even be able to learn on your own with the help of tutorial videos! How easy an instrument is to learn is no doubt vital to choosing an instrument.

To conclude, if you’re able to answer these questions for a specific instrument that you’re interested in, you have the best chance of succeeding if you go for that instrument. It isn’t an easy decision to make, however, and no-one would fault you for taking your time while making a decision.

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