Ribbons are surely one of the prettiest and simplest accessories that can be used for the purpose of decoration. Finerribbon personalized satin ribbon is one of the most preferred choices when it comes to ribbons for crafts or decorations. Customers will get a plethora of designs and vibrant colors to choose form. When it comes to decorating something with the help of ribbons, the most common style that is adopted is curling the ribbons.

There are many ways to curl a ribbon and all you require is a simple pair of scissors. But in cases wherein you wish to choose fabric ribbon, you also need to bake it and apply a starch solution in order to curl it. But do not worry as it is very easy to do it.

Steps for Curling Ribbon

Follow these easy steps to curl a ribbon before using it for crafts or decorations:

  1. You must begin by selecting a desired length of the ribbon and cutting it. You must keep in mind that when you curl a ribbon, it becomes shorter. Therefore, take this into consideration at the time of deciding the length of the ribbon.
  2. Find the spot where the ribbon curls itself naturally. Every ribbon has a natural curl to itself. So, we should choose that very spot to curl the ribbon with the scissors.
  3. Find out which surface of the ribbon is shiny and which is dull. When you start curling the ribbons with the pair of scissors, make sure that the dull surface of the ribbon is facing towards the ground.
  4. After this, take hold of the ribbon from one end between your thumb and your forefinger. You must make sure that you are holding the ribbon as tight as possible. For an easier approach, tie the ribbon to the package or the commodity at one end, which is supposed to be decorated. By doing this, you have to handle only one end of the ribbon.
  5. Now take a pair of scissors and hold it in an upward position. The blades of the scissors should be facing up and should be open. Then, wrap your fingers around the middle of the handle and the blades of the scissors. Your thumb must be positioned in such a way that you are holding the ribbon against the edge of the scissors that is sharpened.
  6. Now continue to press the ribbon with your thumb and then pull the ribbon across the edge of the blade.
  7. After you release the blade, you will see that your ribbon is curled. If you wish it to be curlier then you can repeat these steps.

Now that you know how to curl a ribbon, go ahead with it and use lovely curled ribbons for your craft.

Bio: Mellissa George is the author of the above guest post. She is a very creative person who has a passion for DIY crafts.