Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones is one of the most famous songs from the British wave, which is famous in States the same way as in the UK. Many guitar lovers do covers of different complexity on this song. Classical guitar is also good for that.

How the song was written?

The Rolling Stones was already quite famous by the mid-sixties. Only one step was needed to become the super famous. The song called “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” recorded in May 1965 helped them to do such a step. The story of creating a song is well known. On May 6, 1965, while on their third US tour, The Rolling Stones gave a concert in Clearwater, Florida. During the performance, several hundred young fans had a fight with the police, so the event was closed after four songs. That evening, tired and sleepy Keith Richards composed a riff that formed the basis of a future song. It sounds great even on the acoustic guitar, which you can find by using sheet music for classical guitar . The author of the song, with the exception of the main phrase, was Mick Jagger.

Richards initially did not believe in the success of the song, and was also afraid that the introduction would be considered a loan from the “Dancing in the Street” song. But his fears were in vain, and now the song is often called a turning point in the history of modern music. From that moment, the Beatles had decent competitors, and rock music lovers had a real choice.The provocative words of the song caused a wave of indignation among the older generation.

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